" I beleive the job of a DJ is to keep the dance floor moving. Being a dancer myself I feel I am an extention of the dance floor."

My thoughts

I believe in the power of dance. I know that sounds clique but I really do. I think as a dj it is my duty to translate this to all audiences. I am not one to stick with one type or style of music. I play what i feel. That may seem different to some people out there but Music , Dance and DJ is a feeling and a club night should be an event.

8 plus years of experience as a dj. Paying dues learned to dj surrounded by peers that were better than me. Working all types of clubs bars and parties learning the subtle yet important art of reading a crowd. Never technically perfect but creatively entertaining.

Places i have been

Mad Frog, Black Sheep, Puters, Tabby's, Buster's, Scotty's, La Tradicia ,True Blue, The Mobile Skate Park Series, Fridays, Smokey Bones, Cavanaugh's, Gangster's Dueling Piano Bar, Vue Ultra Lounge, Roxy's, Mason pub, Place 2 B